News KM Video Productions launches On-Demand Video Channel

KM Video Productions launches On-Demand Video Channel



KM Video Productions of Camden, SC has launched a new video on-demand page to its services lineup, the company announced this week.

“Our new On-Demand video channel will give our viewers the opportunity to watch local sports and informational programming online from any device they choose, and any time they choose,” said Kirk Mays, owner of KM Video Productions. “They can watch on the phone, tablet, laptop or desktop and even their television. We use Vimeo as our online video host, a world class video hosting service that has thousands of video producers from around the world posting their videos for view.”

The new service will allow viewers to watch Kershaw County sporting events on an on-demand basis for a small fee.

“There is a small fee to be able to view the event but after you rent or purchase the game or program you can view it on any device as many times as you like,” Mays said. “We live in a mobile society and this new service allows our viewers the ability to watch our local programming whenever and where ever is convenient for them. Additionally in the past we have given local business and organizations the opportunity to advertise during our sporting events, we will continue this with the new on-demand channel.”

Previously, Kershaw County sports were available to purchase on DVD format. Now sports broadcasts can be consumed quicker and on more platforms than before with on-demand capabilities.

“You still save a few dollars under the DVD cost so it is a win-win for the viewer,” Mays said.

For more information, log on to For more on Vimeo’s On-Demand services, click here.