At KM Video Productions we offer television local programming that may fit your advertising needs better and allow you to cater to a more local market. We have advertising opportunities in local programming that airs in Kershaw, Fairfield and Chester counties in central South Carolina. Programming like “TruVista Outdoors” that spotlights the great outdoors with fishing, hunting and general outdoors type shows. Local recreation and High School sports, local interest shows like “Out and About in Kershaw County” that we produce with the Kershaw County Chamber of Commerce to highlights happenings in the county, or “Dishing the Issues” a program designed around the community leaders and those wishing to be (it is political season again).


KM Video Productions Television Advertising is a cost effective way to get your message to the customers you need. In today’s economy you need to maximize every dollar when trying to reach your target audience.

We can customize a video commercial to fit your needs and budget, and then air your customized commercial on the TruVista local cable access channel (channel 39), and on other channels that potential customers are watching as well!


Produce one :30 second commercial to air on the TruVista local access channel (channel 39) $250.00
Format the same commercial for websites $150.00
Monthly Insertion Charge (General Advertising on TruVista Channel 39)* $100.00 per month


*General advertising during our local programming generally will net about 100 showings per month on TruVista Local Channel 39.


KM Video Productions Web Broadcasting allows us to produce programming of local interest that can be viewed by anyone with an internet connection, with a computer, tablet of a smart phone. This year we will introduce several programs including a weekly sports talk show with local High School and Middle School coaches and student athletes. The program will utilize live interviews as well as taped highlights/ interviews to tell the story of this week in local sports.


KM VIDEO PRODUCTIONS can do more than just shoot your videos, call us today at 803-713-7777 for prices and options.